This is how much we charge for our services:

 Service option  Description of the service  Price (In Euros)
 1. RESUME We can make a new resume (and cover letter) for you, which will look exactly like resumes used by job seekers in Canada. We can also modify your existing CV (if you have one) and make it look like a Canadian resume to meet all expectations of the Canadian employers.  50€ (Resume + Cover Letter)
 2. SKYPE JOB INTERVIEW We can prepare you for the job interview with the  Canadian employer.  50€ (Two hours)
 3. ACTIVE MARKETING Our job search assistant will e-mail your resume and  cover letter to at least 10 Canadian employers per day (at least 200 per month). With your written consent a new e-mail account will be created and the Job Search Assistant will send job applications on your behalf. If/when Canadian employers respond you will be responsible for further communication with the employer. 70€ / 1 month or
200€ / 3 months
 4. TARGETED ACTIVE   MARKETING RECOMMENDED: Video Profile (as described below) 
Same as described for the previous service (ACTIVE  MARKETING) with one major difference: Job Search  Assistant will be responsible for communication with the employer (with your active participation) - the main goal is to secure Skype job interview for you. The  last installment of 200€ is paid only when Skype conversation with Canadian employer is arranged for you.
PLEASE NOTE: You must have at least 2 years of work experience in desired occupation and at least basic knowledge of English in order to use this option!
70€ / 1 month or 
200€ / 3 months + 200€
 5. VIDEO SCRIPT We can help you write a script for your 2-3 minutes introduction video. This will be based on the information you provide (in case you want to shoot and edit the video by yourself).  50€
 6. VIDEO EDITING If you decide to shoot your introductory video by yourself (or someone else does it for you) but you are not sure how to edit it (package it together in a 2-3 minutes long video) we can do that for you.  45€
 7. VIDEO PROFILE Creating your job search profile which includes your video presentation can dramatically increase prospects of you finding work in Canada.  Please go to www.canadawork.net
  8. POSTING VIDEO PRESENTATION You can upload your video presentation to video hosting platforms such as Youtube (for free) or you can post it along with your job search profile at www.canadawork.net  Please go to www.canadawork.net
 9. RECOMMENDATION LETTER  We can help your employer prepare proper recommendation letter for you.  40€
 10. LMIA AND WORK PERMITMilorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can help your employer with their application with LMIA for you and he can help you apply for work permit (if applicable). Please go to www.mbmigration.ca
For more detailed description of our services please go to SERVICES page on this web site.
All payments are made directly to Job Search Assistants through PayPal or Western Union.

You and your Job Search Assistant will sign Service Agreement before any payment is made and any service is provided.