1) What is this web site about?

Are you looking for work in Canada? Then this web site is the right place for you!
  • Our Job Search Assistants can send your resume (and cover letter) to Canadian employers on your behalf
  • They can prepare new resume for you or update your existing resume
  • They can prepare you for your Skype or in-person job interview
  • We can help you create 2-3 minute long video introduction
  • We can help your previous employer write a recommendation letter for you
  • If you are a foreign worker we can help your employer with LMIA application and we can assist you with your work permit application
2) Wait! Someone will look for work for me, what does that mean exactly?

That means someone (A Job Search Assistant you choose) will pretend she or he is you and they will e-your resumes to hundreds of Canadian employers! We do understand this is very repetitive and boring activity so why not find someone who will do it for you?

3) O-kay... and then what happens when Canadian employers respond to one or more of those e-mail messages and they want to speak with me, for example?

Then you take over the conversation and make arrangements for your job interview. And then you attend your job interview. And then you get your job offer... As simple as that...

4) That sounds good but how much all of that cost?

You can see how much each of the services cost if you click on the FEES page.

5) How do I pay for those services?

You will get in touch with the person who will provide the service you need and they will tell you how they can be paid. For example Job Search Assistants are paid through PayPal (you can use your credit card to make payment if you don't have PayPal account) or through Western Union.

6) Can I pay after I get a job offer from a Canadian employer?

No, you are expected to pay for the service at the beginning of the process, after you sign Service Agreement with your Job Search Assistant. If you choose TARGETED ACTIVE MARKETING option additional 200€ is paid only after Skype job interview is arranged for you. In case of ACTIVE MARKETING you are expected to pay 200€ when you sign Service Agreement, at the beginning of the process.

Job Search Assistants charge for the work they put in - paying only after you get job offer is not fair because Job Search Assistants may spend days and months sending your resume to Canadian employers before Canadian employer invites you for a job interview. In that job interview you may, for whatever reason, refuse the job offer, does that mean Job Search Assistant does not deserve to be paid because you refused the job offer?

7) How do I know Job Search Assistants are qualified (capable) of providing good service?

Job Search Assistants are persons who have degree in English language or they have completed educational program of at least two years in duration, obtained in an English speaking country. We have checked their credentials before publishing their profile on this web site. Also on their profile page you can leave your feedback so that other job seekers can see it (feel free to leave both good or not so good feedback, for as long as it is truthful). Also you will have to sign Service Agreement with your Job Search Assistant, terms of service and obligation of both parties will be clearly laid out in that document.

8) What you do appears to be similar to what employment agencies do - are you an employment agency?

No we are not an employment agency. Individuals who offer services on this web site work independently and they are located all over the world. In the age of the Internet it does not really matter where your Job Search Assistant is located as long as they send your resumes to Canadian employers as they are obligated to.

In addition to that your Job Search Assistant will never contact Canadian employers directly (under their own name) and ask for a job offer. Instead they will act as if they were you, they will send your resumes to Canadian employers under your name.

9) I am not a Canadian and I live outside Canada but I would like to work in Canada - can I use your services?

Of course you can. We provide services to both Canadians (people who live in Canada) and to people outside Canada who look for job opportunities in Canada. For the most part the initial stage of the job search is the same - you have to get in touch with as many Canadian employers as possible and secure telephone or Skype interview before you get a job offer.

10) I see you recommend that I make a short video introduction of myself - why is that important?

Most Canadian employers receive a lot of resumes when they post their vacant position on the Internet. You have to find a way to stand out in the crowd. One of the best ways to do that is to prepare a 2-3 minute presentation and put it on Youtube. You will still have to have your resume and cover letter, but when you send your resume along with your video introduction, we believe it is more likely your employer will contact you and arrange a job interview for you.

11) I already have a good resume, do I have to pay for resume preparation if I just need help with job search?

No, you don't have to pay for resume preparation if you already have a good resume. The same applies to video presentations - if you can make it yourself that is perfectly fine. If, however, you need help with that (maybe you are not sure what to say in such a presentation, or you don't know what to record and put in the 2-3 minutes of the video, or you are not sure how to arrange everything so that it looks appealing to the employers) you can ask us for help. We would be happy to work with you on it.

12) I have a question that is not addressed here - can I contact you directly and get the answer?

Of course you can - please use one of the forms on our FORMS page.