Assistants Questions and Answers

1) I would like to put my profile on this web site and provide some of the services indicated on this web site - what do I do first?

Please read the content of this page (Questions and Answers) first - this will give you answers to most of the questions you may have. After that please complete the form for new Job Search Assistants and we will get in touch with you.

2) Can anyone become Job Search Assistant and put their profile on this web site?

No. You have to have degree in English language and literature or you have graduated from a two year program (any program) in any English speaking country.

Therefore you have to have good command of written English.

Your nationality does not matter, your age does not matter, your gender does not matter, it does not matter in which country you live etc. If you can provide good services we will be happy to work with you.

3) How do I get paid?

Your clients will pay you directly through PayPal, Western Union or any other way you and your client agree upon.

4) Are you going to charge me a fee for publishing my Job Search Assistant profile on this web site?

No, we won't charge you anything - we will keep your profile on this web site for free for as long as you provide services indicated on this web site under terms and conditions indicated on this web site and you provide those services professionally and to the best of your abilities.

5) What does that mean? This is a long sentence and I am not quite sure what it means.

It means your profile will be advertised to your prospective clients for free but you have to provide quality service and if, for example, you agree to prepare a resume for your client you can not charge for that service more than what is indicated as service fee for making resumes on our FEES page.

You can charge less if you decide to do so but your are not allowed to charge more than the current service fee rate indicated on our FEES page.

Also you are expected to provide service within reasonable time frames.

Your profile will be removed from this web site if we receive repeated serious complaints regarding quality of service provided or if you request that we do so.

6) Hmm... all for free... I am always a bit suspicious when someone offers something for free - how do you make money then?

We will use this web site to advertise our immigration related services and products. Also it would be nice if Job Search Assistants recommend our immigration services to their clients but this is not a requirement for putting your profile on our web site. That is how we make money. 

This web site is envisioned as a win-win-win situation for the clients who want to find work in Canada, for the Job Search Search Assistants who provide services to those clients and for the owners of this web site who provide immigration services and products. In the end everyone should be happy.

7) Do I have to provide all of the services listed on the SERVICES page?

No. You can decide to provide only some of them. For example if you are interested only in resume making that is ok too. However you will have to clearly indicate what services you provide in your individual profile which will be published on this web site.

You are expected to respond to all inquiries even in case someone is asking you to do something that you do not do (for example potential client is asking you to prepare Video Script for them however you did not list that as one of the services you provide. In that case you will still respond to that client's message and you will refer that client to another Job Search Assistant who can provide that service).

8) I never looked for work for anyone, will I be provided training?

Yes. We will provide you with basic training (written instructions and one-on-one Skype instructions as well as limited ongoing support if needed). Once we put your profile on our web site you will have access to another web site (for that you will have to have a Gmail account) where you will have access to tools and resources needed to do your job properly. On that web site you will also access your spreadsheet where your clients messages will be. 

9) How much work do I have to take on?

As much as you wish. Or to be more precise you will take as much work as you want as long as you can still provide quality service. The more you work the more you earn.

10) Realistically how much can I earn every month?

It is hard to answer that question.

Lets see how much you can earn if you decide to look for work for your clients. You will charge 200€ for 3 months of service which means you will agree to send at least 10 resumes to Canadian employers every working day in a month (200 resumes in one month). So if you sign service agreement with three clients for the same service you will have to send 30 resumes per day for those three clients and you will earn 200€ per month for the next three months. 

So how much time do you need to send 30 resumes to Canadian employers? When you get up to speed in a month or two you will be able to e-mail those 30 resumes in no more than 2 hours per day. Clearly this can be done after you finish your day job if you already have a full time job. It can be done in the middle of the night or in the morning before you do something else.

This job gives you great flexibility. If you want to earn more than 200€ per month you will take more clients and work more than 2 hours per day. If you do not have much time available you can scale it back for the time being and take on more work later on.

Again, what is important is that you always provide good quality, professional service regardless how much work you take.

11) Do I have to sign Service Agreement with my clients?

Yes. You will have to sign Service Agreement with all clients who pay for your service. In the Service Agreement you will clearly indicate what services you will provide and how much your client need to pay for it. Also in Service Agreement your client will give their written permission for you to create new e-mail address for them (in case of service called Active Marketing or Targeted Active Marketing). Another thing that will be addressed in in the Service agreement is for example refunds, resolution of complaints etc.