When Canadians look for work they make sure they have an up-to-date resume which includes all (relevant) work experience and education. CV has similar format however Canadian (and US) resumes are fairly standardized and Canadian employers have certain expectations when it comes to applicants' resumes.

Resumes have one purpose: to secure job interview for job applicants.

It is very important for foreign workers to have good resume and cover letter. In many if not most situations Canadian employers receive dozens of resumes for each vacant position. When they review those resumes they may simply skip your resume if it looks unusual.

Our Job Search Assistants can prepare a good resume for you - such resume will meet all Canadian expectations and standards.


When foreign workers apply for work permits or permanent resident status in Canada they are expected to include recommendation letters (from their former employers) with their application forms and other supporting documents.

More than often it is not easy for employers in non-English speaking countries to prepare a good recommendation letter for their former employees.

This is where we can help - we can help your employer write a good recommendation letter for you (we won't write that letter instead of your employer - we will help them write it properly).

We can provide your employer with a sample of a good recommendation letter and once they prepare their letter we can suggest changes and improvements.


After you impress your potential Canadian employer with your resume they may decide to speak with you using Skype or over the phone. Most foreign workers prefer Skype conversation because telephone conversations may be more challenging for someone who is not very confident English speaker.

Skype interview will give opportunity to the Canadian employer to get to know you and you will also meet your prospective employer (virtually) in-person which is also very important.

Skype conversation (job interview) may not last very long so it is very important that you prepare well for that interview. You want to answer all employers' questions in a way which will increase your chances of getting hired.

Our Job Search Assistant can practice interview questions with you (in English) and make suggestions how to answer questions properly. They can also provide you with the list of occupation specific words that you will have to use during the interview.


Sending huge number of resumes every day is very boring and frustrating experience even for Canadian job seekers. It is beleved that Canadians have to send on average 100 resumes before they secure one job interview.

That number may be even higher for foreign workers.

Our Job Search Assistant can help you with this boring and repetitive activity of sending hundreds of resumes to Canadian employers. If you already have your resumes and cover letter ready our Job Search Assistants will (with your written permission) create a new e-mail address for you and then from that new e-mail address they will e-mail your resume to at least 10 Canadian employers per day. They will do the same for next 3 months.

When Canadian employer receives such a resume, they will think that the resume came directly from you. When they respond to book Skype interview with you, for example (or to ask for clarifications), then you will take over that conversation and it will be you who will communicate with the employer from that point onwards.

If you prefer Job Search Assistant can send you a (BCC ) copy of every resume e-mailed to Canadian employers. In any event Job Search Assistant will keep precise record which employers and how many employers they have contacted during the course of each month and you will have access to that document at any time.


This service is very similar to the previous service (ACTIVE MARKETING) - Job Search Assistant will do everything they do under ACTIVE MARKETING however when employers respond to sent e-mails (with your resume) your Job Search Assistant will contact you and discuss with you how you want to respond to this e-mail message and they will prepare best response (on your behalf) and send it to the employer.

The main goal for Job Search Assistant is to secure Skype (or telephone) job interview for you. Only once that is done (job interview booked for you) then Job Search Assistant gets paid additional $200 for their service.


How do you convince employers to call you for a job interview?

Traditionally resume is used for that purpose. However employers receive a lot of resumes and it is really hard to stand out in the crowd since all good resumes look very similar.

Possibly the best way to motivate employers to contact you is to create a short (2-3 minute long) video introduction.

Employers on average spend less than one minute reading each resume. For many employers it is more interesting and informative to watch one minute of video recording. Video is incredibly rich medium and amount of information employers can obtain through your video introduction is many times higher than the amount of information they find in your resume.

You can make your video introduction using your cellphone camera or your webcam. The point is that your video recording complements your resume and cover letter. Once recorded your video can be edited using very good free video editing software such as ShotCut and after that you can upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.

Additionally we suggest that you also create your job search profile (which will include your video presentation) at because Canadian employers will be visiting this web site and you may be able to get job interview offer that way.


What do I put in my video introduction?

Whatever you put in your video recording it should communicate to your potential employer these three things:

For different occupations different types of video introductions are most appropriate. For example if you are a cook or a baker you can demonstrate your cooking or baking skills in front of the camera. If you are a computer programmer you can introduce finished programs you coded etc.

Our Job Search Assistants can create scripts for your video presentation which will help you shoot and organize your video material. On one hand 2-3 minutes is very little time, however putting in your video something that should not be there may be counter-productive. Good video script is a good way to avoid mistakes and to create informative and engaging video presentation.

Video script will have text which you will read or memorize before you say it in front of the camera and also script will guide you what shots to take, who to interview etc.


As mentioned above there are really good (and free) video editing programs out there (such as ShotCut or OpenShot) which can be used for editing your video clips and creating your 2-3 minutes long video presentation.

If however you do not have time for video editing or you find video editing too tedious Savan Borota can edit your video clips for you. He will cut your video clips, make corrections in brightness, coloration, sound etc. if needed, put everything together and send you finished mp4 file which you can upload to Youtube.

What you have to do is you have to e-mail him video clips or upload your video clips to Google drive and send him links to your files and he will take care of the rest for you.


Once you have your 2-3 minute video presentation you will upload it to Youtube (for free) and if you prefer you can just send employers the link to your Youtube video along with your resume and cover letter. 


In most cases foreign workers need LMIA and, after that, a work permit before they start working in Canada. Canadian employers apply for LMIA first (see more on this web site) and, after that, foreign workers apply for their work permit either at the local Canadian visa office or at the airport when they arrive in Canada.

Milorad Borota is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and he can help your employer with their application for your LMIA and if you need assistance with your work permit application he can help you with that as well. He does not provide job search services.

Please see more about services he provides on